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Welcome to BUKOWINA - the Guest House built of huge wooden logs in the style of a hunting manor-house. It is surrounded by a forest and situated at the edge of the village of Strzebowiska.

We have got 5 rooms with separate bathrooms. The rooms are for 2, 3 or 4 persons.

Behind the building there is quiet meadow with a place for a bonfire


Bukowina is located in the Ciśniańsko-Wetlińskim Natural Landscape Park at the edge of the village of Strzebowiska. It is surrounded by a forest full of game, mashrooms and other forest fruit. Here you can meet a wolf, a Carpathian deer, bear, bizon, lynx and a boar. The stream flowing through the yard is home for beavers, and 1 kilometre away you can watch rare birds in the Reserve of Nature.

Area and attractions

In the close neighbourhood there are many tourist tracks including special tracks for bicycles, jogging or horse-riding. Three kilometres away - in Kalnica - you can find a ski lift, and 25 kilometres away there is Zalew Soliński.

For our guests we organize the fire and ram or boar baking. We also organize sledging cavalcades, quad or ski scooters rides. 300 metres from Bukowina there are stables where you can rent a horse.

If the weather in not good and you cannot go hiking and see our beautiful and wild hills, you still have many attractions like indoor swimming pool in Smerek or SPA (with jacuzzi, sauna and salt cave). We also recommend, very popular with young visitors, narrow-gauge rail excursion through picturesque landscape from Majdan to Przysłup, visiting Mini ZOO in Liszna, where children can feed a real stag and see many other animals which live in our forests.

You can also take part in many cultural and music events, for example so-called Dni Cisnej, Bieszczadzkie Anioły, folk and jazz concerts, where you can meet great artists.

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